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We have had a couple of questions about who is allowed to come to Wise Convention 2018. Do you have to be part of a reformed church? What if you were part of one but moved to a different church? What if you have never gone to church in your whole life? Well, here is our attendance policy:

The attendance criteria is pretty simple really: if your church is willing to take ownership of you during the convention (and the travel to and from convention), you are welcome to attend. As with the last number of conventions, everyone registers under the supervision of a local church. That church is responsible for that conventioneer, and that conventioneer is under that church’s jurisdiction. As a planning committee, our task is to make sure the convention happens, but the local churches provide the leadership and pastoral care to the conventioneers. The local church is also ultimately responsible for looking after their own people, should they end up in hospital or anything like that. We as a committee will of course make sure that first aid is available at all times, but ultimately the care and “guardianship” of the conventioneers is via the local church they register under.

As such as long your local church is happy to take you under their wing, and therefore to take responsibility for you at convention, you are welcome to attend.

Registrations for Convention 2018 are almost open, but before they do we wanted to give you a quick update.

To steal a Balinese saying, the next convention will be same, same but different. It will be the same because you will have the opportunity to spend a whole week with your church’s youth group and other groups from all around the country. The quality of the speakers will be the same (we have one of the best young preachers in the CRCA and one of the most respected Christian teachers in Australia leading us), and like all conventions, we want to see God do amazing things among the young people of the CRCA.

So what’s different?

We have been listening to your feedback from past conventions, so as a committee we wanted to do things a little different this time round.

Firstly, Convention is going to be one whole night longer, the quality of campsite is higher and we are going to be offering more opportunities for activities and teaching sessions. On top of all of this, all your food will be provided as part of your registration.

To do all this we have had to increase the total price slightly. So when you factor in the daily cost of buying food, which wasn’t included in the cost of the previous convention, the cost per day works out to be almost the same. We haven’t done this by accident, we simply want to offer you what you asked for in the last conventions and to do so we have had to step out in faith.

That said we don’t want you to feel like you can’t afford to make it. With so much time between now and convention, we suggest that you get creative. We know of at least one Church who is already planning some fundraising opportunities for their youth group and we encourage you to do the same.

Finally, we want you to pray. Pray for your youth group, pray for us as an organising committee, pray for the youth of all our churches and pray that God will do great things at WISE, our CRCA Youth Convention 2018.

Convention CPC

About Wise Convention

What is Wise Convention?

Wise is the 2018 Youth and Young Adults Convention of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia. Convention has a rich history in the CRCA and the 2018 Convention will add to this rich history.

Why choose Wise as a theme?

This convention will focus on wisdom, specifically the wisdom of God as given to us by the book of Proverbs.

Who can come?

Anyone between the ages of 15 and 28 is welcome to attend Wise Convention 2018.

As a Young Adult what will I get out of it?

We are particularly keen on making Convention 2018 as helpful to our young adults as possible. As such we have designed convention to include a number of additional workshops, electives and grapple sessions targeted specifically at those who want to “go deeper”. We believe that this will ensure that our young adults will not only have a great time at convention, but that that they will have significant faith shaping experiences at convention.


1 Mar 2017

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1 Mar 2017 -

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30 Jun 2017

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30 Jun 2017 -

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06 Nov 2017

Registration Closes

06 Nov 2017 -

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6 Jan 2018


6 Jan 2018 - 11 Jan 2018

Convention will run from the 6th of Jan to the 11th of Jan


Peter Adam

Peter Adam is vicar emeritus at St. Jude’s Carlton, formerly principal of Ridley College Melbourne, and vicar of St. Jude’s. He has written several books, and his publications include Speaking God’s Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching, Hearing God’s Words: Exploring Biblical Spirituality, Written for Us: Receiving God’s Words in the Bible, The Message of Malachi, The Majestic Son: The Letter to the Hebrews, and Walking in God’s Words: Ezra and Nehemiah.

He regularly speaks at training conferences is a founding member of the Council and the Executive Committee of The Gospel Coalition Australia. Peter also holds an Order of Australia which was awarded to him for his services to theological education and to the Anglican Church in Australia.

Adam Schoenmaker


Adam Schoenmaker is the Associate Pastor at Bray Park Community Church (BPCC) on the northside of Brisbane. He has completed a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from QUT and a Masters of Divinity from Brisbane School of Theology. Adam worked for accounting firm KPMG before making the transition into pastoral ministry at BPCC.

He is married to Molly and they are expecting their first child in early 2017. Adam can usually be found reading a good book, watching just about any sport, or spending time with his wife and friends. Adam is passionate about preaching that not only enflames the heart but informs the mind, and ultimately leads people to know Jesus and follow Him wholeheartedly.


This Convention we will be offering a range of electives to help you grow in Christian maturity. We trust that God will use these electives to grow you in knowledge, in skill and in kingdom effectiveness.

Monday Electives

Family Wise

You can choose your friends but not the people whom you have known the longest, spend most time with, love the most and also resent most at times – your family. How do we live with them well? Family Wise will explore this topic.

Work Wise

What occupies us for the most part between when we wake up and go to sleep is some form of work, so we should wonder: does God have a design for this part of our lives? Work Wise will explore God’s wisdom regarding work.

Money Wise

Dealing with money is an inescapable part of human existence. It can bring about great blessings and also great curses. Which of the two will be the reality in your life depends on whether God’s wisdom is at work in you or not. Money Wise will explore that wisdom.

Future Wise

Most of what we do as youth and young adults is geared to ‘get us ready’ for our future. But what does it mean to ‘be ready’? How should we feel about our future and what’s important to consider when we think about it? These questions and more will be explored in Future Wise.

Web Wise

Let’s face it, we’re online a lot! Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram often consume us. How does my online behaviour shape who I am as a person or who ‘we are as a group’? Does God’s word – in existence long before social media – have wisdom to offer for this part of our lives? Come to Web Wise and you’ll find out more.

Tuesday Electives

How To Read Your Bible For All It's Worth

The Bible is made up of a bunch of different genre’s and styles. This workshop will explore the best ways to approach scripture. Do you just open the Bible and read the first thing that comes to mind? Should you start in Genesis and just read through to the end of Revelation? Join this elective to find out.

Compelling Small Group Discussions

This elective will focus on the do’s and don’ts of small groups and Bible studies. Why is it that some small group leaders seem to always succeed at running small groups? What is the secret to a compelling and fruitful small group ministry? Find out here.

``How To Talk Good`` - The Art of Sharing Scripture Well

This elective is aimed at those who are, or want to be, involved in sharing Bible talks with others. Perhaps you are a youth group leader who wants to learn how to do devotions well, maybe you are keen on teaching the Bible to a group of people, or perhaps you are interested in preaching full time and want to learn how. In this elective you will be taught how to effectively put together a Bible talk and how to use your voice, body language and tone to effectively share a message.

How to share the story of your faith, and why your story matters!

Writing or sharing your testimony can often be daunting. Maybe you don’t like sharing your past or maybe you don’t think you are all that special. The truth of the matter is your story is important because you are important. Come along to find out why and how to do it well.

Managing clocks by putting on jocks – How to manage your time well.

There are only so many hours in the day and there will only be so many days in your life! How do you live in a way that spends this precious resource well? Come along to discuss how time management is a reflection of your heart.

Programs or People- What makes Youth Ministry Effective?

Seeking to lead young people to Christ can be a daunting challenge, with many different approaches, programs, and strategies cluttering the way. Whether you are an experienced veteran of youth ministry or just starting out, this elective will help you go back to the basics of what youth ministry is all about and why we do it, and will give you some practical skills and tips which you can apply to your own church context.

Answering the Big Questions of Today

Do Christians hate gays? Why does God let bad things happen? Why should your religion be the only right way? These questions and many more bombard us on a daily basis, and often we struggle to find a satisfactory answer. This elective will seek to equip you to effectively answer these issues, as well as looking at some specific examples.

Worship Leading

Do you ever feel like the worship leader just doesn’t feel the congregation? Think you could do better? Come along for an interactive and practical workshop around the heart and practice of worship leading in a local church.

Wednesday Elective

Sexuality Wise

Admit it. Sex, sexuality and relationships define many of your thoughts, feelings and actions. After all, our sexuality is a big part of who we are. Which makes it one area of life where we need as much wisdom as we can get; especially with the world either warping it, attacking it, or shoving it in our faces. In this guys-and-girls session we will consider wise sexuality and relationships, and how none of it defines us as much as Jesus does.


Forest Edge CYC

Wise Convention is being held in Victoria at Forest Edge CYC. This excellent facility has over 130 cabin beds with ensuites, as well as a large camping area. The site also allows us to host several games and activities, which makes it the perfect location for convention!

You can check out Forest Edge for yourself here.



We have arranged buses to and from Melbourne Airport to get you to and from Convention.

Buses leave Melbourne airport on Saturday 6th Jan at 12pm and 3pm

Buses leave the Convention site on Thursday 11th Jan – 12:30pm and 2pm
When you book plane flights, please take into account that it takes around 2 hours to get to the airport from the site. That means that if you plan on getting the 2pm bus back to the airport, the absolute earliest flight you can probably take is at 5/5:30pm.

Terms and Conditions

CRCA Youth Convention utilises the ‘Childsafe’ management system to ensure proper duty of care is considered in the safety of its programs and activities and in the training and screening of its volunteers and staff. More information can be obtained by contacting the convention admin team via admin@wiseconvention.com.au.

Personal details will only be used for the express purpose of providing a service to you. Your details will not be shared with any other individual, organisation or third party without prior consent.

Photos and video will be taken through the convention. The Convention Planning Committee reserves the right to use the material for the purpose of future promotions and marketing.

GST is not charged as part of the fees for this event. If you require a tax receipt, please keep a copy of the registration form for your own records.

All conventioneers must be registered as part of a church group. As with the previous number of conventions, the local church is responsible for the conventioneer. The conventioneers of each church are still under the jurisdiction of the church they registered under and each church which sends a youth group will have to provide the leadership for their youth group at convention. This can be in the form of nominated youth leaders/youth workers/pastors or elders. If this will be difficult for your youth group, please contact admin@wiseconvention.com.au.

This event is a strictly drug and alcohol free event. We have a zero tolerance policy for any breaches of our drugs and alcohol rules.

A fee of $60 per person will apply for cancellations of registrations.

Camping Pricing

Early Bird Camping

This early bird price includes a space to set up your own tent and all catering is provided. Just let us know what your dietary requirements are when you register. But be quick, because this pricing is only available while the early bird registration is open.


Regular Camping

This includes a space to set up your own tent and all catering is provided. Just let us know what your dietary requirements are when you register.


Cabin Pricing

Early Bird Cabin

This early bird price includes everything! You will be staying in an en-suited cabin, and all catering is provided. Just let us know what your dietary requirements are when you register. But be quick, because this pricing is only available while the early bird registration is open.


Regular Cabin

This price includes everything! You will be staying in an en-suited cabin, and all catering is provided. Just let us know what your dietary requirements are when you register.


Upgrade to Cabin

You can upgrade your booking from the camping option to the cabin option simply by paying the difference between the two prices. Just head over to the ticketing system, and select the “Upgrade to Cabin” option


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us through the form below. Alternatively you can email admin@wiseconvention.com.au with any questions you might have.

You can also contact our convener, Chris on 0423 889 913 if you prefer to speak to someone directly.